Saturday, 4 September 2010

RICOR- some pretty pictures.

…Eating grilled corn at the beach while your hair is still salty and the sun is going down…

Firts of all, I'd like to say a huge, huge sorry for the lack of posting to last couple of weeks. I returned from Kenya the second of August being sick. The sort of sick that makes it impossible to do anything, I suppose everybody knows how's it like... So I spent my last month of summer vacation in bed.(good thing that I have one sweet boyfriend to take care of me.:) Oh well... But now I'm healed and back in blogging wonderland, starting with sharing these amazing photographs I've "found". For more loveliness by this Taiwanese photographes click here. Ready to be enchanted?

Talked about hair inspiration. Don't you just love this?! I wish I could do my hair like this. :)

I adore everything about these art works (because really, that's what they are, no?) but especially the styling deserves a special mention! I felt like an Asian princess when I saw these photographs for the first time. xx

PS: news from Kenya coming soon! And I'll get back to all the comments on previous post as soon as possible!