Friday, 16 July 2010

happy list.

...Feed the seagulls in Long Island and write new songs in the wet sand...

I've been wanting to post up another happy list for days now and because my camera doesn't want to wake up and I think these little lists need to be a part in my blog (even though I do not own any of these photographs) here is one. Enjoy, sweeties!

Danny Roberts
This man is wonderful, his prints magical and his collabrations with Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers, Forever21, Heutchy Shoes, Lancome, and Sundance Channel's Full Frontal Fashion impressive -to say the least-. I am a frequent visitor of his blog and am dearly in love with his painting movies. I'm a fan, and I know you'll love him too.

Luly Letty
Whenever I need fashion inspiration or just feel like looking at pretty outfits, I always find myself going through Maria's magical blog. I think she's enchanting and one of those rare lovelies who look enchanting in everything. She's truly beautiful, sweet and if you didn't know her already; go click on that link and fall head over heels in love with my fashion hero. lovelovelove.

Orla Kiely
I always get this happy feeling in my stomach (yes, you know the one!) looking at these clothes; they are all perfect. It feels as if Orla has designed my dream wardrobe – I know, I know, they are quite expensive, but i’m planning on putting back some money for some serious purchases when winter comes around. What do you think about the clothes?

Tim Walker + Lily Cole
I'm almost certain that everybody must love Tim Walker. So do I, although I wasn't a huge huge fan until I saw his photoshoot with the lovely Lily Cole -she's one of my favorite actresses and ,in my opinion, one of the most beautiful models alive-. The photographs are whimsical, fairytale-ish and typical for this great photographer.

And talking of Lily Cole...
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is an odd but fantastic movie starring Lily Cole, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Christopher Plummer... And although I had to watch it twice to really understand the movie, I loved it to bits. Perhaps because of the gorgeous decor, adorable costumes, top actors, sweet scenes and smart story. Did you see it? What did you think of it? xx
ps; I'm off to Kenya the day after tomorrow, so no posts untill we meet again which will be about August 3th. Will miss you all to pieces!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

the (not so) new shoes.

…Have some dripping gelato on the Piazzo di San Marco, then jump on your Vespa to meet your love, and when night sets, get married on a yacht. Why not?...

I've always been a "shoe girl" and I probably love my shoes too much because I keep wearing them untill they fall apart and even then I've never been quite capable of letting them go. I know, I know,... How sad am I?:) Well, obviously my dearest friend Laura also had this thought, so she secretly gave all my old (beloved) shoes to chararty and took me shopping.

Result? These wonderful Jane Austen-ish thrifted pair of shoes. They remind me of those old romantic times, where I would wear some utterly enchanting Charles Anastase dress (look at me pretending I can actually afford such a dress), be in Italy feeling like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday and "Have some dripping gelato on the Piazzo di San Marco, then jump on my Vespa to meet my love, and when night sets, get married on a yacht. Why not?"

Want to come with me? xx

And I’d like to say a huge huge thank you to everybody that replied to the last post, you’re all such beauties and made me realise why I love blogging, I couldn’t even wait until tomorrow to post up these shoes (and my own photographs)! I have read and respond to each and every comment with joy and I wish I could take you all out eating! But because I can't do that, I've put you all on my link page and wrote something about all of you. 

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

still not a great blogger...

...Fold some paper boats, maybe one will carry you out to sea where you can watch the stars through your kaleidoscope...

Family Affairs (literally, a mother and daughter partnership!) have one of the most beautiful lookbooks i’ve been lucky enough to stumble across. Of course, the clothes are beautiful themselves, but beautiful pictures always ’seal the deal’ for me. There is nothing like beautiful imagery to get me interested in a collection, but Family Affair doesn’t stop there – alongside each picture they detail what the model is wearing, just how it fits, a sugary sweet description of how and where the clothing should be worn and a poignant lyric to match.


Reading those beautiful descriptions sent me off into a little Daphne wonderland where all I wanted to do was write postcards, read books and eat cake, unfortunately the idea of me being so reallyreallyreally bad at this blogging-thing pulls me right back to the real world. I am so sorry for all these useless posts I've been posting up this last month and I promise that I'm working on photographs, drawings, bookreviews and anything I actually did all by myself, because honestly; how boring must it be for you beauties to read something you've probably read 100 times before?! So from now on; excpect posts with only my own photographs in it. Or should I just stop entirely? xx

PS: I am planning on giving away one of my drawings! If you want it, just comment here. : )

Monday, 12 July 2010

let me present: Cameras+Jane Austen.

I've been searching for a place to put my art and photography for a while before I stumbled upon the idea of Tumblr. I called my little 'portofolio' Cameras+Jane Austen and I'm really happy with how it turned out. And even better: because Tumblr ables you to set the date and time on which you want a post to be published, I wrote 10 posts who will show up while I am in Kenya. I just can not leave you alone, can I?:) Ohh, and another thing; As you can see above (nr.1) you can ask or tell me anything when you click on that link. All answers will show up on the blog (nr.2) unless of course, you just tell me something.
Someone who has found my Tumblr asked me wheter I was still going to create a formspring now that you can just ask me on CAJA (cameras and jane austen), I do not think I need to, do you? xx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

dearest polaroid girl.

Meet -if you hadn't already- the enchanting Shini. She's beautiful, (on the out- and inside) inspiring, kind and one of my fashionheroes. I LOVE her blog, which is a wonderland filled with gorgeous outfits, stunning photography and plainly; perfection, to bits and pieces. Don't you think she makes a wonderful dearest polaroid girl? Well, so do I.

Isn't she the coolest?! xx
PS: I'm working on a Tumblr! I'll tell you all about it before I leave to Kenya. : )

Friday, 9 July 2010

a peep inside my room.

I have once been told that you can know everything you want about a person by just looking at their rooms and because I have never properly introduced myself, I had a little photoshoot with my desk. Have a look...

♥ Something I made for you.(:

♥ My room is filled with drawings, paper and it's starting to get hard to remember the real colour of my walls... paint everywhere.

♥ Remember the wishlist?


♥ Why am I so embarresed about loving Leonard Cohen?

How does your room looks like?
ps: I just found out about this wonderful artist called Heidi Burton via Art Pixie (really, I could write an ode to that blog) and you can win some of her enchanting art works here.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

wishlist- sailorgirl.

{via google, collage made by me}

If I had all the gold and diamonds in the world:

1. Forever 21 shoes.

2. Alexa Mulberry bag- oversized.

3. Topshop shoes.

6. Topshop navy sailor coat.

7. Miu Miu swallow print platform heels.

  What stands high on your wishlist? xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

read them- love them.

Because I'm leaving home in two weeks travelling to Kenya for 16 days and do not want you to miss me (I know: stop flattering myself) I made a little blog-reading-list for you dears.

This blog founded by the sweet Seattle couple Jay (amazing writer) and Laura (love her art to bits) is the cutest thing I've ever seen. They share their wonderful outfits and adorable adventures with the world on a way you must love. I mean, how cool is this tiny movie they made?

Wish Wish Wish
Ohh, Carrie! What can I say? You're absolutely briliant and I love you? Anyway; she is indeed wonderful, I'd ever dear to say magical and she's got style! Her blog is a little piece of heaven and has inspired me more than anything. Go over there and get blown away by her sweet posts, impeckable writing skills, drawing talent in progress (well, actually she's really good), beautiful outfits and amazing photography. I'm a fan, a huge fan.

Bardot in Blue
This cute blog givin to us (because really, it's a treat) by the lovely Haleigh, American girl in Paris, makes me so happy. I highly recommend clicking on that link, going through her archive and just enjoy the tour she gives you trough the city of lights. I adore her foodposts, she's a true photographer and you can just feel her passion for food in the pictures.

Blushing Ambition
She calls herself a "21-year-old student content with spending more money on food than clothes." and that pretty much did it for me: this girl is great. And when she said she was obsessed by the World Cup, I decided that this girl is perfection. Her blog is funny, adorable, smart, pretty and ranked very high on my favorite-blogs-list. Read her once and fall in love..

 Le Blog de Sushi
This girl is an inspirationfairy and her blog is a stunning fairytale. I LOVE HER, seriously, she's downright magical. Her posts are diamonds, her outfits pure gold and the entiry feel of her blog is wonderful. Her wardrobe is a castle filled with jewels and I'm so happy she wants to share it with all of us.

This are just a few of my favorites, don't worry; I'll be writing about more amazing blogs (such as Clothes, Cameras and Coffee) in other posts. But for now if you want more, just go take a peep at my blogroll. xx

ps: Want to be in my links-page? Feel free to let me know. :)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


This lovely girl, called Aleyn, is one to remember. I'm sure (100%) that she'll be the next big thing. Just wondering through her Flickr makes you see how an amazing inspirational girl this is and her lovely blog is a jewel. She hasn't posted a lot of her devine prints yet but the ones I've seen have blown me away. I have a good feeling about this lady and I hope you will too. Do not forget to go by her blog and fall head over heels in love! xx
PS: if you'd like your link on my blogroll, please do let me know (comment here) and I'll make sure to put you in it.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

i'm a homesick fairy.

{via Julia (love your blog)}

After spending three days outside with my darling friend Lena reading the Virgin Suicides (for what seemed like the 100 000th time, this is probably the only book I could read over for ever, it's beautiful.) and my beloved Pride and Predjudiceliving in a tent we made in the fields with old blankets, drinking the most whimsical tea, looking how the clouds change shapes and making flower necklaces I felt like I was a fairy and now it's hard to be back home stuck doing the same things as always.. Do you ever get homesick to a place that isn't really home, but feels like it? xx

Click here for beauty in a song

Saturday, 3 July 2010


little drawing I made after first having read 'Emma' and completely falling in love with it.

My summer days smell like fresh paint, pencils, tea and the yellowing pages of my old Jane Austen books.

If "perfect" would have a face, I am pretty sure it would look like summer. I'm spending my days of sun drawing, painting, picniking with friends and in the evenings you can always find me drinking tea and reading my beloved Jane Austen tales next to my open bedroom window. The sky is so peaceful.
Everything is so immensly beautiful once it's touched by the gentle summer, don't you think? xx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

happy list.

Baking Cake
There's something about baking and the sweetness of cupcakes I just can't resist. Since school's out and I have nothing to do I've been baking cupcakes like crazy. Happily, my friends keep lots of parties where my little pieces of sugar are always welcome. Click here for baking inspiration.

Sarah McNeil
Ohh, what can I possibly say about this wonderful girl? She's immensly talented and one of my favorite artists. I found out about her via Frankie Magazine and instandly fell in love with her prints. See for youself: her flickr, portofolio and a little piece of heaven; her adorably etsy-shop.

Lovely art blogs
This magical blog by the Australian freelance illustrator called Kelly Smith is dangerously addictive, beautiful and magical. I always find myself going through her archive looking for inspiration and well, I always seem to find it there.

I suppose I'm a little vintage camera obsessed but I just can't help it. Everytime I see one, I want to have it. Currently I have five of them, of which three are useful. My favorite is the Autographic Brownie. I bought my Browniefriend on Portobello Road (London) a couple of years ago. Whenever I use it I feel like looking through a time capsule, the thing must be 50 years old and still, it workes perfectly.

The Honey Trees
The Honey Trees are an indie pop band from California I've recently found out about. Click here for a listen. Aside from being musically gifted, aren't they just beautiful to look at as well? They're great, one of my favorites. xx