Saturday, 3 July 2010


little drawing I made after first having read 'Emma' and completely falling in love with it.

My summer days smell like fresh paint, pencils, tea and the yellowing pages of my old Jane Austen books.

If "perfect" would have a face, I am pretty sure it would look like summer. I'm spending my days of sun drawing, painting, picniking with friends and in the evenings you can always find me drinking tea and reading my beloved Jane Austen tales next to my open bedroom window. The sky is so peaceful.
Everything is so immensly beautiful once it's touched by the gentle summer, don't you think? xx


  1. Daphne! That drawing is amazing and you CAN WRITE LIKE JANE AUSTEN YOURSELF! I mean; "My summer days smell like fresh paint, pencils, tea and the yellowing pages of my old Jane Austen books." -how briliant is that?! I adore this post, it's pure poetry.
    Kisses, Fiona

  2. LOVE THIS. your artworks are so gentle, detailed, refined. You, my dear, will have a fine future. :-D

  3. I have never read Emma. Maybe I shall now though.
    My summer days smell like freshly mown grass, newly sharpened pencils, cat fur scented with sunshine and barbeques.
    Adorable picture!

  4. I need ti buy that book, I've heard a ton of inspiring ladies said it is a very nice book. My daughter's name is Emma, so far that's the reason why I'm so intrigued. Your days sound like perfection! Can't wait to get started on some Summer projects myself.

  5. hello! sorry it took me so long to visit your new blog, I think it is just lovely.

  6. i have never read something by jane austen, perhaps i should...

  7. i love Jane Austen, your blog is really good. it has such a lovely fairytale feel to it. ;)

  8. je l'aime. c'est très jolie, comme toi. :)
    Bisous, Lena

  9. Sounds so romantic! Wish the evenings here in Brazil would be as beautiful as you described them!

    xoxo Sandra


thank you ever so dearly, you kind person. i always try to respond or comment on your blog as well. xx