Sunday, 4 July 2010

i'm a homesick fairy.

{via Julia (love your blog)}

After spending three days outside with my darling friend Lena reading the Virgin Suicides (for what seemed like the 100 000th time, this is probably the only book I could read over for ever, it's beautiful.) and my beloved Pride and Predjudiceliving in a tent we made in the fields with old blankets, drinking the most whimsical tea, looking how the clouds change shapes and making flower necklaces I felt like I was a fairy and now it's hard to be back home stuck doing the same things as always.. Do you ever get homesick to a place that isn't really home, but feels like it? xx

Click here for beauty in a song


  1. oohh, that song's wonderful. such a magical and whimsical blog do you have! i almost feel like a fairy myself when i visit dearest polaroid. :D

  2. CHERIEEE! It was fucking great to see you again, you really have to move to Paris, I want to see you more and keep more 'fairy-days';) Which reminds me: will you post up the photographs? xx Je t'aime, mon amie.
    Bisous, Lena

  3. Nice Blog


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  4. A tent fashioned from old blankets sounds like the very best kind of summer tent.

  5. your blog name is really cute ^^

    well, I want to thank you for the awesome comment you left on my blog. It's stuff like that, that make my day and make everything worth it. I hope the universe rewards you for being so nice. ahah.

    I reaaly enjoyed reading your blog, it's lovely! And so are you.

    xxx kissmequick

  6. adore this. Amazing blog.:)

  7. I'm craving that book. Happy Monday!

  8. I love that book so much! It is one of my biggest inspiration.
    Your blog is just lovely <3


thank you ever so dearly, you kind person. i always try to respond or comment on your blog as well. xx