Tuesday, 6 July 2010


This lovely girl, called Aleyn, is one to remember. I'm sure (100%) that she'll be the next big thing. Just wondering through her Flickr makes you see how an amazing inspirational girl this is and her lovely blog is a jewel. She hasn't posted a lot of her devine prints yet but the ones I've seen have blown me away. I have a good feeling about this lady and I hope you will too. Do not forget to go by her blog and fall head over heels in love! xx
PS: if you'd like your link on my blogroll, please do let me know (comment here) and I'll make sure to put you in it.


  1. She is really talented, I love her blog! thank you so much for sharing. ;) Love your blog, can't wait till you'll finish your 'My Art'-Page.
    <3, Laura

  2. love the pictures you've chosen, you really have amazing taste in everything! and i admire that girl, it's really nice of you to post about her, a lot of people will love her! xx

  3. so gorgeous and delicate- thanks for sharing sweetie!sxxxxx
    fashion clocked
    would love you to visit!
    kisses katie.xxxx

  4. Can I be in your blogroll ?:)
    I'm going to read her blog !

  5. This is very beautiful, I go to that blog right now !!

    See U !

  6. Love these pictures and the title of your blog! Going to visit paper x love now. I just redesigned my blog and will be adding the longer listed blogroll soon. Would love to be in yours, will return the love!

  7. Her images are beautiful!

  8. Love the 'sunkissed' feel of the photos - they make me wishful for a summers day. I love the use of colour in her prints, all very lovely!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Oh & thank you for your wonderful comment, it was much appreciated!


  9. your blog is splendid! absolutely fantastic!!

  10. Daphne, you have a kind heart. Thank you so much for this! <3

  11. i'd love a link on your blog roll. but daphne, you're the one who should have links on everyone's blogroll. you're so amazing.

  12. Yes! I agree, Aleyn or wallposterstar as I have known her takes such lovely photos that makes you think of dreamy storybooks and fairytales. She does have an eye and talent for beauty.

    I'd really love it if you'd make me a part of your blogroll. Your blog is already included in mine. <3

    Have a wonderful week ahead. ^^


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