Monday, 12 July 2010

let me present: Cameras+Jane Austen.

I've been searching for a place to put my art and photography for a while before I stumbled upon the idea of Tumblr. I called my little 'portofolio' Cameras+Jane Austen and I'm really happy with how it turned out. And even better: because Tumblr ables you to set the date and time on which you want a post to be published, I wrote 10 posts who will show up while I am in Kenya. I just can not leave you alone, can I?:) Ohh, and another thing; As you can see above (nr.1) you can ask or tell me anything when you click on that link. All answers will show up on the blog (nr.2) unless of course, you just tell me something.
Someone who has found my Tumblr asked me wheter I was still going to create a formspring now that you can just ask me on CAJA (cameras and jane austen), I do not think I need to, do you? xx