Thursday, 1 July 2010

happy list.

Baking Cake
There's something about baking and the sweetness of cupcakes I just can't resist. Since school's out and I have nothing to do I've been baking cupcakes like crazy. Happily, my friends keep lots of parties where my little pieces of sugar are always welcome. Click here for baking inspiration.

Sarah McNeil
Ohh, what can I possibly say about this wonderful girl? She's immensly talented and one of my favorite artists. I found out about her via Frankie Magazine and instandly fell in love with her prints. See for youself: her flickr, portofolio and a little piece of heaven; her adorably etsy-shop.

Lovely art blogs
This magical blog by the Australian freelance illustrator called Kelly Smith is dangerously addictive, beautiful and magical. I always find myself going through her archive looking for inspiration and well, I always seem to find it there.

I suppose I'm a little vintage camera obsessed but I just can't help it. Everytime I see one, I want to have it. Currently I have five of them, of which three are useful. My favorite is the Autographic Brownie. I bought my Browniefriend on Portobello Road (London) a couple of years ago. Whenever I use it I feel like looking through a time capsule, the thing must be 50 years old and still, it workes perfectly.

The Honey Trees
The Honey Trees are an indie pop band from California I've recently found out about. Click here for a listen. Aside from being musically gifted, aren't they just beautiful to look at as well? They're great, one of my favorites. xx


  1. wonderful. i looove this list! those honey trees are so so so good. :) i love the camera thing as well. XO lena.

  2. oh! the cupcakes looks like they are from the hummingbee cupcake in notting hill:)

  3. great blog, Daphne. I always enjoy reading your lovely posts and I have to say, this new blog is beautiful. X

  4. Such a sweet list. ;) Will you post more of these? Love that Sarah McNeil print! Amazing blog you've got. Will come back for more.;D

  5. Love making these kinds of lists! and all these things :)

    listing to The Honey Trees and they're amazing!

  6. Sarah Mcneil is genius love that illo!

  7. How absolutely adorable- such a gorgeous dainty blog- just about to click follow- thanks for dropping by lovely one! Your blog is a dream.xxxxx
    fashion clocked
    I would really love you to call by sometime!xxxx katie.xx

  8. So adorable!! Very sweet blog!!


  9. Your blog is lovely !
    And you're only 15 ? OMG, I'm impressed. When I was 15, I was wearing big sneakers and listening to loud music ;)

  10. Great blog! I love using vintage cameras as well:)

  11. Such a beautiful collection of images! Love the new set-up here as well, it's so clean and pretty!

  12. Your blog is so beautiful and creative ! I think you'll have a bright future in the world of bloggers :)

  13. Hi ! It's wonderful !
    Here's my blog, I'd love you to tell what do you think about.

  14. great photo mix..that green vintage camera looks so awesome!


  15. I love those, I envy your vintqge camera

  16. I love the cupcake link you posted, I am obsessed with her recipes!

  17. Thanks for all these sharing, I have to try cupcakes !

    See U !

  18. Oh my god Daphne, I could discover so much in your 'happy list'. First of all I love Birdy & Me. What a fantastic art work! And then the Honey trees. I'm always on the search for great new artist and music and you just introduced me to them! I guess, I will listen to the Honey trees all day long! Thanks! :D

    xoxo Sandra


thank you ever so dearly, you kind person. i always try to respond or comment on your blog as well. xx